Welcome to Fort Alaska

Started at the Big Lake Fish Hatchery, Alaska.

The Hatchery was established in 1976 by the State of Alaska and reached its peak in the late 1980’s, producing more than 15 million juvenile red salmon a year! Although the Big Lake Fish Hatchery was part of a thriving statewide network of hatcheries, lack of funding forced its closure in 1993. 

The facility is now under the control of Fort Alaska Company and today though the hatchery is gone, the fish still return. The Fort lives on providing more than just Wild Salmon; the Fort is one of the world’s last outposts of pure and pristine foods dedicated to providing only the finest pure, wholesome, and wild products including wild salmon and sea-foods and natural Alaskan grown and harvested foods.

Our products are from reliable Alaskan, Canadian, and Washington impeccable sources offering only the finest natural, tested, and trusted products. 

Fort Alaska Lodge
Big Lake, Alaska

Fort Tongass – Seafood Division
Moser Bay - Ketchikan, Alaska

Fort Alaska – Distribution
2534 S. Beaver Lake Road
Wasilla, AK 99623

Thank you,

Jeff Maichel